Frequently asked questions

What is the Bubble Curtain?

A bubble curtain system consists of one or more perforated pipes at some depth in the ocean, through which compressed air is led.

How does the Bubble Curtain work?

The ascending air form bubbles which entrain the surrounding water and generate an artificial upwelling of deep water towards the surface. When the upward flow reaches the surface layer, they mix and as long as the rising water is colder than the surface water, the surface temperature will decrease. When strategically positioned in the area we wish to influence, also considering the ocean currents, this will lead to colder surface waters in the path of the hurricane.

What is the difference between this system and other hurricane prevention systems?

The main difference is that this hurricane prevention system is installed completely at an intermediate depth of the ocean and therefore does not obstruct marine traffic in any way. It also does not include any chemical or biological additives (except for clean air).

How much can it reduce the damage from hurricanes?

For most types of losses to the U.S. economy caused by hurricane winds and storm-related flooding, expected annual costs total $54 billion, Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates, equivalent to 0.3 percent of United States' current gross domestic product. That total consists of $34 billion in expected annual economic losses to the residential sector, $9 billion to commercial businesses, and $12 billion to the public sector.

As an example, research suggests that a 1-degree Celsius reduction in SST may lead to a 10 percent reduction in the “Damage to GDP” ratio, which would be a reduction of $5.4 billion in damages per year in the United States.


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